themvp – 3.0

we’ve grown from two fellows managing a fledgling startup to an amazing team of 15 guys building high performance systems shipping in over 50 cities of India (we’ve shipped to Port Blair in Andaman Nicobar islands most recently!)

MvP Store & Experience Center

Phew – what a journey it has been so far. We’ve manged to open our very first store – no mean feat considering we’ve been a purely online setup for the past 3 years. This gives an opportunity to focus on peripheral sales – as always our focus will remain on getting those elusive components […]

Version 2.0 – We’re Up!

And we’re live! Our refreshed website is up and running – finally! It’s been a frantic two weeks getting all the bugs sorted and the kinks ironed out. The need for a refresh was long due – since there is no other website in India which allows you to customize and choose your own parts for […]

One of the most in depth reviews ever!

Just wanted to share something which warmed our hearts 🙂 This is what we live for. Sampath from Chennai, had this to write about us :- A complete review from a happy costumer!  After years of gaming at compromised resolutions and abysmal frame rates decided to upgrade to a best yet affordable setup but I […]

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