AMD found its mojo!


What an exciting time to be alive!
There is a lot to be happy about whats coming from team Red.

New processors – Check
New Graphic Cards – Check
Competition Running Scared – Double Check !!

It’s been a long time coming, AMD is back and how. The specifications on offer, the price point – this is making intel get off its lazy ass and actually do something – like dropping prices , increasing cores, sweating their coats off trying to figure out 10nm production.

Ditto for Nvidia – the impending release of the “Super” cards is no accident, rattled by the early impressions and performance gains (5700xt in particular), we are most like to see a midcycle upgrade on the RTX series with the appendage of “Super”.

As cosumers and hardware enthusiasts, we’re super pumped to see this. The years spent dominating marketshare had the “market leaders” become complacent. Minor upgrades through generations had become the norm – AMD breathes fresh air in this scenario with their new launches.

Having said that – do keep in mind, that both Nvidia (manufacturing at 12nm) and Intel (manufacturing at 14nm) can and probaly will catch up in a big way once they shrink their process to 7nm (AMD has this one figured out already thanks to the behemoth that is TSMC).

Exciting times are instore for consumers and enthusiasts alike – do stay tuned for reviews of actual hardware dropping on the 7th of July.

P.S – We’re beginning pre-orders very shortly.

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