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It’s been exactly 669 days since our last website update and we’re now on version 3.0

Admittedly, it took a bit longer than we initially anticipated – we underestimated some of the intracies of implementation and as a result overshot our initial target. We also went through multiple design revisions – mainly to factor in usability and overall experience.

So whats new ?

  1. Custom Gaming PC – Chose your games, your platform (intel or amd) and your budget – our minions do some on the fly number crunching and voila – you have a suggested build with fps performance for the selected games displayed
  2. Revamped system builder – We wanted to make this an easier and more intuitive experience for the user. The challenge was to eliminate any kind of on page scrolling – categorization of parts to make a more seamless and less confusing experience on our builder.
  3. Productization – we’ve put together nine pre-builts for various anticipated use cases for gaming, content creation and research – we wanted to avoid listing innumerable builds which confuse people – and yet retain the option the customize these prebuilts
  4. Curated Store – We’ve done away with endless lists of components or peripherals on the store page – instead we’ve selected some of the peripherals which we’ve used and recommend
  5. Updated Blog – We’ve finally moved hosting from a wordpress site to our own – yay! This time – we actually plan for this to be updated REGULARLY (note to self – we HAVE to get this sorted)
  6. Rebranding & aesthetic – We finally completed our redesign and rebranding project – if you’ve been following us for a while – you will notice the new logo and color scheme – also a good thing to notice is our loading gif – that actually shows what the logo is all about 😀
  7. SSL ! – our website now is secured by an SSL certificate, any and all information you enter is encrypted and safe from the naughty boys on the internet

Things that havent changed

  1. We dont state individual prices for components on a build – this mainly due to two reasons – one being that these prices are available practically everywhere – a google search away. The second being that we arent selling individual components but are selling entire builds. You will find that we are much cheaper for a like for like build when compared to other system integrators (eg. alienware, originpc etc.). Goes without saying that we use much more premium components than them.
  2. Being obsessive about customer experience and quality – the biggest arguments that any of us have at work are often related to product quality – either with diffirent vendors or within the operation team analyzing and finding the root cause of the smallest of issues that crop up. We would rather have your build delayed – than ship it without the testing it deserves.
  3. Signing up for our system builder – Yes, its still there and wont be removed. On the bright side you can use the custom gaming builder without a sign up. We do this so that we are able to contact customers who may need our help on selecting their components.

Do drop in your feedback via comments to this post or by dropping a line to

Cheers team

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