The Great Intel Shortage


According to Intel, this is the best to own a gaming PC – we would agree, but we’d also say that its one of the most expensive times as well.

The prices on the Intel desktop range continues to rise in India, driven on by two main factors – rupee vs dollar and acute shortage. The shortage itself has been reported about extensively – this is exacerbated by the fact Intel 10nm mass production is delayed owing to yield issues – what isn’t helping is that the current factories dedicated for 14nm production (7th , 8th and 9th gen processors) aren’t able to cope with demand, and are prioritizing server processors over the desktop range.

With GPU and RAM prices stabilizing, the gradual increase in CPU pricing (in some case upto 60%) have thrown budgets into disarray once again. The shortage is expected to last till middle 2019, so your budget for an Intel based build will remain effected for some time to come.

What should one do?
One should embrace RYZEN; especially considering what the performance per rupee ratio has become owing to these increases. AMD is the way to go in the current scenario.TLDR : Intel Processors are way too expensive right now, Buy RYZEN !

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