Great Graphic Card Shortage of 2018

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Where are the graphic cards ?

They’re no where to be found, and if by chance you do find them they are over priced as hell. As if taken by surprise, the industry as a whole is struggling to cope with the surge in demand from crypto miners.

Nvidia wants retailers to sell to only gamers and not miners – but in all honesty no body can really dictate terms to retail partners – they’d rather sell 100 – 200 graphic cards in one go instead of going through stock individually. The kicker here is that crypto miners are ready to pay premium price for graphic cards.

Is there no end in sight ?

To be honest, the price situation doesn’t look very likely to normalize very soon. The problem is actually twofold – number one – production capacity challenges on the graphics chip itself & number two – DDR5 memory shortages – in combination these two factors threaten to disrupt the lives of hardware enthusiasts across the globe.

What should one do ?

Build your PC without the graphic card , 6-8 weeks is a cautious time line for the prices to settle down, and settle down they will – with the crypto bubble bursting; making mining  a lot less profitable with current valuations on these currencies. Additionally, PSU pricing is set to increase along with the steady rise in DDR4 memory (since every mobile is coming out with DDR4 memory now) – A good idea would be to lock in all your other components at somewhat acceptable rates and weather out the GPU pricing storm.








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