Version 2.0 – We’re Up!


And we’re live!

Our refreshed website is up and running – finally! It’s been a frantic two weeks getting all the bugs sorted and the kinks ironed out.

The need for a refresh was long due – since there is no other website in India which allows you to customize and choose your own parts for a PC build – this had been a frequently requested feature by many of our users! Do check out Build a PC on our website – drop in some feedback, any parts you’d like to see there (drop a quick line to

Parts compatibility is “baked” in the module – so you need not worry on compatibility when making your selections – will detail how this module works in a separate blog post.

It’s been quite a journey – these last 3 years. From trying to explain to our folks and extended family on exactly what we were up to; being featured in a national newspaper ; gaining customer trust and love and finally getting our refreshed website live! We believe, the reason we’ve still kept going strong is that no one in our team see’s this as a “job” – this is our passion.

We’ve got a few more things lined up, number one of  which is a refreshed and updated version of our RGB lighting kit. We’re exploring gaming merchandise, adding more peripherals to our lineup – stay tuned.


Still day zero for MvP Gaming 🙂


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