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Just wanted to share something which warmed our hearts 🙂
This is what we live for.
Sampath from Chennai, had this to write about us :-
A complete review from a happy costumer!

 After years of gaming at compromised resolutions and abysmal frame rates decided to upgrade to a best yet affordable setup but I wanted a turnkey solution rather than me hunting for the parts and searching for discounts. There came in The MVP. Stumbled on their website from Amazon and was surprised to see many rigs for all ranges of budget. I sent

a mail with my doubts and there was an immediate reply, something which is a rarity these days. They’ve answered every question without skipping a detail and I took some time but finally ordered the Horizon rig.

Right from the day I ordered the build, there was a steady communication from MVP detailing the progress. You can send a mail to them and there would be a reply right and then.
So the day has come: I bunked the office just to receive the rig. I was amazed how safely it was packaged and shipped. There was no scope for any shipping damage. They’ve even placed a foam under the GPU to prevent the sag while shipping.

For pics go to :

So after unpacking it, what lay in front of me was a clean white box with pretty powerful guts. And the cable management was noteworthy. Right from the push of the button it just performed. No bloatware, no unnecessary apps.

Never needed to check the graphic settings because all the games were optimized to Ultra but you may want to crank up the MSAA to 8X or 16X. I was bit worried about the temperatures with Chennai being always a dead hot area but the excellent cooling systems on CPU and GPU kept the high temps at bay. (I consider anything above 85 °C as hot). I have the below custom fan curve and CPU Cooler is on balanced mode.

I noticed considerable difference in cooling if you keep the GPU fans at always 100% and CPU cooler at performance mode.

Didn’t try overclocking it as I felt there was no need for it. Below are some FPS and temp tests at 1080p(everything cranked up to Ultra & MSAA 8X (16X if available, if not, I’ve mentioned the MSAA setting in the brackets) and at room temperature of 25°C:

1)Metal Gear Solid-Phantom Pain:
FPS(FPS cap is 60): A constant 60
CPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):45°C,69°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):60°C,76°C

2)GTA V(with all the Advanced graphic options turned on)
CPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):40°C,80°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):65°C,80°C

3)Battlefield 4(MSAA 4X)
CPU Temp(Min,Max):43°C,75°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max): 43°C,80°C

4)Shadows of Mordor
FPS(100 limit): A consistent 100
CPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):40°C,79°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):54°C,74°C

5)Rainbow Six Siege(with Ultra texture pack):
CPU Temp(Min,Max):41°C,74°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max): 67°C,82°C

7)Mirrors Edge: Catalyst (Hyper settings):
FPS(Min,Max,Avg):65,105 (mostly around 80)
CPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):55°C,80°C
GPU Temp(Min,Max,Avg):54°C,83°C

8) Didn’t test Skyrim for numbers but FPS was averaging around 80-90 FPS(More than 100 in interiors) with Tetrachromatic ENB and 150 other mods.

All the games are pretty much comfortable having their FPS above 60 with rare dips below 60 when there is too much vegetation to render like in Forza Horizon 3 or GTA V.

Here is a link to the mashup video which I’ve created from the recordings on this rig, there will be FPS and temp data on either top left or top right of the video . Please note that pixelation is due to rendering it at 6 mbps bitrate to keep the output file size down, The videos were captured at more than 37 mbps bitrate :

These are some screen captures:

To close it, all I can say is that I found MVP as a rare blend of gaming enthusiasts, excellent workmanship and proactive customer support. You don’t have those many companies around which call you up after delivery to see if you are satisfied with the rig and to help you out if you have any concerns. If you are on the fence on buying that new rig, take the leap and believe in the good guys of MVP.

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