What an exciting time to be alive! There is a lot to be happy about whats coming from team Red.
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It's been exactly 665 days since our last website update and we're now on version 3.0
we’ve grown from two fellows managing a fledgling startup to an amazing team of 15 guys building high performance systems shipping in over 50 cities of India (we’ve shipped to Port Blair in Andaman Nicobar islands most recently!)
According to Intel, this is the best to own a gaming PC - we would agree, but we’d also say that its one of the most expensive times as well.
Some FAQ’s that we get asked a lot about builds needing suitable configuration for Modeling and Animation performance in Maya and 3DS Max – What is the requirement for the best animation and modeling performance in Maya and 3DS Max? Animation & Modeling are both single thread dependent – what you should be looking for...
We hear a lot about Machine Learning & Deep Learning these days – that the next wave of jobs are going to be in AI and Machine learning – we attempt to answer some questions here and give some insight on component selection. What is it? Machine learning is focused on using computer algorithms which...

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We're Live!